Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet Surprise!

This was a sweet suprise from my husband this past Saturday, Jan 10th. What was the occassion you might ask? Well, it was our 20th anniversary of our first date. He was very sneaky and planned it perfectly. I had no clue and I love surprises just the way he did it! Also, he took me to Red Lobster that evening which was where we went to eat on our first date. It was very neat and exciting reminiscing about our first date and all the many dates we have had since then. I love red roses! Oh and by the way, there were 20 roses also. =)

This is a shout out to my wonderful husband -- Thanks so very much! The years have been very good to us and I look forward to many many more to come. I thank the Lord for always keeping HIS hand on us.

To everyone out there - enjoy the day and God Bless!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not Again!! Yes it is!

Good Morning!

Here I am in just a little over a week and I am posting again. Thank you to a new year. Life is taking many different turns for all of us I am sure. This semester will take me and my family for many new ones that is for sure. Let me explain.
This is the last semester of my "baby" girl & her senior year. For all of you at Life Tab, yes believe it or not Kathy is graduating from high school in about 4 months from now. WOW!! When we arrived she was 9 years old. FYI - that is the age that Howie is now. Another WOW!! I am sure that many of those out in blogland have had children grow up, get older and so forth. This is just different but it is fun.

So,we have Kathy with graduation and her next step approaching and then we have Howie not only doing Bible Quizzing but also taking electric guitar lessons. Still yet another WOW!! As you have heard & seen from other fellow bloggers, the quiz team did GREAT on Saturday. I am so proud of all of them. I am amazed again at what the children can and do learn. Let them continue to hide it in their heart.

Now, guitar lessons we are working on becoming as much as a habit and priority as learning those verses. Right now, it is tough and the guitar is almost as big as him but he will work thru it. It is cute to watch him strap it on and start playing what he knows. He is learning to read music at an early age. By the time Kathy finishes with her schooling Howie could well be accomplished and then putting them together to praise & worship. I am expecting great things from them both!!

Well, I have officially written a second post and made it to the rambling stage but wait I can not forget to say this: PRAYER WORKS!!!! Always remember that and also God has everything in HIS CONTROL!!

Have a great day and I will post some pics later.

Until then - enjoy living for the Lord.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Howies' Surprise Kiss

I just had to post this precious picture.

Happy New Year 2009

Good Afternoon!!

It is a new year and a very new post. Yes, it has been over a year since I have written ANYTHING. I have commented very few times during that period also.

I am just somewhat in the mood to write a little so I thought I would. So, you might ask what has triggered this writing? So many things have happened in the last year I can not tell it all. Nor would you want to hear it ALL.

Since September of 2008, I have been energized with two words: Bible Quiz.
I am amazed, overwhelmed, excited, impressed and just downright thrilled with this.

Watching and listening to the children do what each of us as adults (not judging at all) can be doing is what I would call, very moving. To hear the Word of God spoken in the home everday is mind numbing at times. Maybe we should let our minds be numbed more often and then we could follow the leading of the Lords' spirit better. Just a thought.

When I hear the littlest, youngest and smallest of them all, quote Gods' word, my heart literally begins to pitter-pat!! It gives a warm feeling all over and reminds me of just what the Word of the Lord means to me.

I am thankful for the what the scriptures have taught throughout my life and I am thankful that as Howie reads and recites these words, he begins to ask questions. There has been many, many more teachable moments. As parents and saints, these are opportunites that you love to happen. It is a joy to explain in detail what the words mean to this little precious one of HIS.

Okay, I feel like a I am rambling now!

To all the children involved with Bible Quizzing --
Keep up the work, you are learning more than you know. You will be able to look back and use these times of studies as a teaching tool for your children and grandchildren.

Kudos goes out to Chris and Christina Isom!!
Bless them Lord as they prepare our children in this endeavor.

Until later, I know I know I hear some of you saying next year or 2, well you will just have to check back and see.

Love to all!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Howieman Plays and Sings

Such Good Reading!

Hello to all my fellow bloggers! I sit here attempting to write a good post, don't tell if not, while Dan is putting pictures together for us all to share. I have read so many blogs lately with such good things and words about the Lord and life in genereal. I have not made too many comments but I have definitely soaked in all words. We went to OKC for one of the last 6 mth check-ups for Howie. All went well! It is always surreal on each visit simply because of all the memories involved. Once again we made it a family visit, Kathy went too! We spend most of the day waiting off and on in the clinic but as I said earlier all was good. We then had the priviledge of having dinner with Jeff & Jeannie Harris. It happened to be the weekend that the Frazier's were making a visit also. So what do you think we did? We just waited around, visited Starbucks and Wal-Mart until they arrived. We all met at Zio's Italian Restaurant. We were all hungry, I thought for a little while there we were going to eat so much bread before the meal that we would just have to pack up the meal and leave. LOL!! The dinner was great simply due to wondeful people, the food was good too. We then headed over to Jeanie & Jeff's apartment and continue to visit. Of course Ken, Jeff and little Howie immediately started playing football on Playstation 3. I have a picture I took with my phone but I am having difficulty getting it to come to my email, I will keep trying. I just looked and Dan did a great job with RockYou and all the pic. I am trying to add different colors and make changes. Bear with me until I find the perfect mix. I have now officially blogged for the year 2008, how does that grab you? HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Inward, Outward and Upward -- that is all I want to be in 2008 - thanks Pastor Elms. I look forward to all God has in store for each of us, but I also look forward to not only watching, but also doing!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007